Our story

Robert John Vineyards was founded in 2009 by  Robert John Nowinski. Over the years, RJ had developed an appreciation for fine wines; especially California Cabernets. RJ’s deep appreciation for Cabernet wines ignited his creative energies and he formed a desire to create a premium Napa Cabernet that would stand up nicely against the best cult Cabernets produced today.

RJV is a limited production boutique winery located in Napa, California specializing in the highest quality cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc wines.  RJV wines are produced in very limited quantities from the finest available grapes every year. The freedom to choose grapes from different vineyards every year allows us to account for seasonal variations in vintages and select the best grapes from the best vineyards to maximize the characteristics of any given vintage. Each wine we produce is different; you won’t find our vintages to be copies of the previous year. Each vintage is unique but shows the consistent characteristics that we bring to our wines that we know you will love.